Some Common Guitar Problems

Some Common Guitar Problems

Guitarists have plenty of problems with their guitar. In addition to choosing a good guitar, maintaining is also a big problem. Especially, when it is damaged, but you don’t know where the problem is. This may be a pretty big anxiety of guitarists today. However, many players think the guitar is very complex and difficult to repair. It is not entirely true. You can be able to fix some mistakes. Read this article to recognize some common guitar problems and learn how to fix them easily.

Weather and climate

Most expensive guitars are made of solid wood because it’s easy to change to suit the weather condition, especially in terms of temperature and humidity. For the guitar, the appropriate humidity fluctuates around 60%. High temperatures are also not good for your guitar. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave your guitar lying next to too hot places as a kitchen fire, heaters, or in the outdoor.

Some Common Guitar Problems

If you put your guitar in too hot places, it can be distorted like incurvature. However, the guitar will become normal if you leave it in a good condition.

Collision or falling

When using the guitar, many people don’t put their guitar in a safe place such as guitar bag. They put it on an unsteady table. A small collision may also make the guitar fall off and your guitar body is cracked. Therefore, don’t save money with a guitar bag. It can reduce the maximum ability to make guitar’s body cracked.

Your habits when playing the guitar

You need to determine the type of music that you want to play. The sound heavily depends on the process of using the guitar. Maintaining the guitar is limiting the effects of the weather and some your bad habits. However, identifying the causes is just a part of fixing the guitar.  You also need to know the characteristics of sound or physically.

For cheap guitars, luthiers do not elaborate the keys, so they are not balanced. It is also easy to make squeak sounds. To fix this problem, you can use a nail file to sharpen those iron bars again.

Some Common Guitar Problems2

Sometimes, there are squeak sounds because of the string. Thus, you should choose high-quality strings for your guitar. If you use low-quality strings, they will greatly influence the quality of the sound.

Some common problems in the design

Uneven frets

This problem will generally cause buzzing at certain positions. It doesn’t occur regularly, but you will get if you don’t choose carefully when buying. It is caused by the sketchy outsourcing.

Cracked back and sides

There are many reasons for this problem. For example, you clap too powerful on the soundboard, or there are frequent collisions. So, you have to limit the too strong impact on soundboard when using.

Deformation of the soundboard

There are many levels of deformation of the soundboard such as the curved surface or a not usable neck. Soundboard deformations are not popular in Classical Guitar, but usually in Acoustic Guitar.


In this our article, you give some information about some common guitar problems. For simple problems, you can fix them self. However, you need to bring your guitar to professional guitar repairman if you get too hard problems that you don’t know what to do.

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